Our R&D Construction recognizes the importance that the quality of our service has to the future of our business. We believe that quality is a degree of excellence, which is ever changing. Every member of staff is involved in managing how we can improve today, tomorrow and long into the future. Our business management system contains all the procedures and associated documentation to manage and control our business and is available to all staff. The aim of our quality management system is to ensure that:

  • We deliver a quality service to maintain excellent customer relations
  • Customer satisfaction remains inherent to our business
  • Our customer’s requirements have been fully understood and met
  • All work is carried out consistently to a defined standard
  • We have the skills and resources to fulfill our customer requirements
  • Our staff are fully trained and involved in quality improvement
  • We strive to continuously improve our systems and procedures
  • We only use services that meet our own quality assurance standards
  • A professional approach to customer interface is maintained at all times
  • Any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period

We are responsible for understanding how clients interact with us, for defining measurements and improvement targets, and for driving actions to achieve quality goals. Our goal is to deliver value to our clients each time they interact with us directly or through our business partners in all the geographic markets we serve. We listen to client feedback and use the insights to improve client experience and quality.